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{November Recipe} Christmas Tree Cookies

This month we had the pleasure of teaming up with the fabulous ladies at Juniper Cakery. If you haven’t checked out their Instagram yet you need to as its amazing! They created a recipe we loved and we’re sure you will too. These Christmas tree cookies are filled with crushed candy canes and sit perfectly on your favourite mug to enjoy with a cup of something hot.

This month we’ve also teamed up with SLABB, a great new chocolate company, who kindly provided the hot chocolate stirrers to go in your boxes. Simply heat a mug of mug and add you stirrer until the chocolate melts! You also need to head over to their Instagram, we love the look of their ‘Freakshake’ chocolate bar!

Here’s the full recipe with extra hints and tips to help you with your baking.

To make the cookies-

01: Cream the butter and caster sugar together until mixed. Try not to overwork your cookie dough throughout as this can lead to it spreading whilst baking later on.

02: Beat in the egg until combined.

03: Add in the plain flour and mix slowly. You can do this with a stand-up mix, hand-held beater or even manually. For such a small amount of dough, however, its best to mix by hand so that everything incorporates well!

04: Take your candy canes and crush them into fine pieces. To do this add them to a strong freezer bag and bash them for a little while with a rolling pin. Aim for your pieces to be fairly small in size. The chunkier the pieces the lumpier your cookie will be which isn’t going to be nice to ice onto!


05: When a slightly soft yet firm dough has formed add in your crushed candy cane pieces! Dump the mixture out onto a floured surface and add your crushed candy canes by gently kneading them into the cookie dough.

06: Form the dough into a ball and wrap with cling film. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.


07: After an hour take your dough and roll onto a floured surface. Aim for a thickness of around 5mm.

08: Cut your Christmas tree shapes with the cookie cutter. Then transfer over onto a lined cookie sheet.


09: With a small sharp knife cut away thin rectangular notches measure at approx. 1-1.5 inches in height up from the base of the cookie. This is what will help your cute cookie sit on the side of your mug!

10: Chill for another 30 mins in the fridge.

11: Whilst chilling pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees C / 160 C fan / 350 F / gas 4.

12: When ready bake for around 6-12 minutes until a golden brown.


You’ll know your cookies are done when you give them a poke and the indentation rises and fills up. If the dent stays try baking them a little longer at 2 minutes a go.

To make the icing-

01: In a stand-up mixer (or you can use a hand-held one) whisk your egg whites until frothy. The froth should resemble cappuccino foam.

02: Add in your sieved icing sugar and mix until a royal icing forms.

03: You can change the consistency of your royal icing using a little lemon juice or water to soften up stiff icing. For watery icing add in a teaspoon at a time of sieved icing sugar.


To outline and flood your cookies you need 15 second icing. This just means that when a butter knife is dragged through a bowl of royal icing the icing takes 15 seconds to pool back together and close up when the knife has cut through.

To decorate-

01: Split the icing into 3 bowls, 2 bowls with the majority in and the other with just a tablespoon. Gently fold the pink and green colours into the large bowls of icing and add a drop on black colour to the small bowl.

Fill your piping bags with the pink and green royal icings and carefully pipe an outline around the edge of your cookies. You can use a piping tip for this or even just snip the end of your bag! It’s best to work one cookie at a time too.


02: Once outlined quickly fill in your shape with the rest of your bagged royal icing.

03: Spread and even out your flooded royal icing with a cocktail stick. Use it to move the icing around in circular motions. You can also pop little air bubbles that can appear in royal icing as you work.

04: Take two black sugar pearls and carefully drop these into place where you’d like your Christmas tree’s eyes.

05: Now take two confetti sprinkles and gently place these onto the cookie to create cartoon-like cheeks.


06: Leave your cookies to set a little which can takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour. To check lightly touch the side of your piping with your little finger. If none sticks to you then it’s set enough.

07: To add the smile fill a piping bag with black royal icing. Make sure you snip the end creating a tiny hole. One handy tip is to lightly pipe two tiny dots parallel to each other where you’d like your smile to start and end. This helps stop any wonky piping.


08: Now touch your piping tip to your first dot and gently pipe out royal icing as you slowly lift the bag and tip from the cookie. Carefully move in a downward curved motion to then meet your piping tip and royal icing with the other dot.


Try a few practice goes on a flat surface if you don’t feel too confident.


We would love to see your photos of these cute cookies when you make them. Our favourite piccy will be announced and the winner will receive their next Bakes Box for free. Share them with us on Instagram for a chance to win! Just tag @bakesbox in your photos and we’ll share our favourites.

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