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28th October 2016

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Halloween Cupcakes

Its one of our favourite times of the year…halloween!! We love getting creative in the kitchen to bring you new ideas to bake for a halloween party to impress your friends and family. We’ve made pumpkin cupcakes, cobweb cupcakes, rice Krispie pumpkins and smartie spiders. Pumpkin and Cobweb Cupcakes Ingredients¬†(makes 6 of each)  ...

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{October Recipe} Toffee Apple Donut Muffins

With it being Autumn and Bonfire night coming up we thought that you would love a toffee apple themed bake. We’ve created a muffin with the texture of a donut filled with sweet, sticky apples and topped with camel and icing. You’ll be caramelising apples, making a donut muffins and finally learning how to create a caramel! Why not  ...

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